Tenancy Services

No relocation is complete without the provision of tenancy support. We offer a whole range of services such as check-ins, check-outs, lease terminations and renewals.

Our FullCare tenancy management service saves you time by receiving and paying all utility bills, paying the rent and providing a single point of contact for your employee on all tenancy management issues, all for a small monthly fee.

Lease Negotiation

Once we have discussed the requirements with your employee we will advise them of the best options for the terms of their lease. We will negotiate directly with the landlord or their agent and make payment of the initial monies.

Inventory Check-In

A member of our team will attend the check-in as your representative. We will agree amendments as required and provide your employee with a complete final copy of the inventory.

Fullcare Tenancy Management

As the single point of contact we coordinate everything for your employee including receiving and paying all utility bills and rent. We will provide you with a single monthly or quarterly invoice of costs.

Tenancy Renewal

We will discuss and advise your employee of the best options for renewal of their tenancy. Once agreed, we will negotiate with the landlord or their agents on their behalf.

Tenancy Termination

We will attend the check-out, agree dilapidations and negotiate the prompt return of the security deposit. Termination of the utilities will be handled by our team and your employee will be notified of the closing meter readings.

Property Inspections

If your employee vacates before the termination of the tenancy or needs to be absent from their property for a prolonged period, we can arrange inspections to ensure everything is in order and there is no breach of contract.