Settling-In Support

Our key objective is to make sure that each and every completed relocation remains a success, and the provision of high quality settling-in support is our secret. We’re proud to offer unlimited telephone and email support for all our transferees. Whether it’s a question of “Where can our girls play soccer in a team?”, or “Where’s the nearest tae kwan do class?”, our experienced relocation counsellors have all the answers, and will help your employee and their family to settle in to their new locality. Extras like our Tenant’s Information Pack contain personalised healthcare information, with details of local GPs and dentists, and the location of the nearest A&E facility, all in a handy quick reference A4 binder, whilst our registration programme makes local GP and dentist sign up easy for everyone.

Tenant's Information Pack

Our tenant's information packs are tailored to suit the individual needs of your employees and are designed to ensure that they will have all the essential information required from their very first day in the UK. Some key features of the pack are a general tenancy guide, the tenant's and landlord’s responsibilities and registering with a local doctor. It also includes information for those who are new to the UK may not be aware of, such as what Stamp Duty Land Tax is, and how to purchase a TV license. The relocation counsellor will discuss the personal requirements of your employee further and ensure that the best information is sourced and included for them.

Utility Account Setup

We will arrange the setup of gas, electric, water and council tax accounts leaving your employee free to settle into their new home. We provide the starting meter readings to the utility companies and register them as the new tenant/owner. As UK companies will not allow a third party to assist in setting up phone and broadband services we will research the options available and provide them with extensive information to assist them with instructing a provider.

Local Area Information

Our experienced relocation counsellors will provide essential local information to give your employees the best insight of their chosen area.

Unlimited Telephone & Email Support

Expatriates receive unlimited telephone and email support ensuring they always have assistance on hand to give them the best advice.

Post-Move Orientation

Once your employee has moved into their new property, we can offer a choice of either a half-day or full-day orientation tour visiting local amenities and attractions in their local area. This could include an initial supermarket shop, for example or an initial school run, identifying and getting familiar with the route from home to school. Need a gym? Why not have one of our counsellors show you round all of the local public and private health clubs?

Furniture Rental

If your employee will be moving into an unfurnished property or their removals shipment will take some weeks to arrive, we can help to furnish their new home with all the little luxuries and of course the essentials, to make their move as easy as possible.

Driving License Changeover Assistance

To prepare your employee for driving in the UK we will give them information on the legal requirements and assist with the changeover of their driving licence.

Healthcare Registration Assistance

Whether choosing to use the NHS Service or private healthcare sector we will advise on the selection of doctors, dentists and opticians available and assist your employee with the registration.

Home & Vehicle Insurance

We provide advice for expatriates to source and obtain competitive quotes for home and vehicle insurance.