We offer both half day and full day pre-move and post-move orientation programmes. Half-day programmes concentrate on exploring an area, whilst full-day programmes allow time for more than one area, or for visits to sample housing.

Pre-Move Orientation

Would a pre-move orientation tour help your employee decide if the move is right for them or put their mind at rest about an expatriate assignment? We offer a choice of half-day and full-day driving tours of the local amenities, housing and schools. With our full-day tour we will also include sample properties to visit so your employee gets a full picture of life in the UK. If choosing a one day Home Search programme, why not add on a half-day orientation tour to help your employee decide on target housing areas?

Post-Move Orientation

Once your employee has moved into their new property, we can offer a choice of either a half-day or full-day orientation tour visiting local amenities and attractions in their local area. This could include an initial supermarket shop, for example or an initial school run, identifying and getting familiar with the route from home to school, or even a dry run of the drive to work. Need a gym? Why not have one of our counsellors show you round all of the local public and private health clubs?