On completion of each assignment, we send out a How Did We Do? questionnaire. Client reviews of our service are repeated below. These are genuine reviews, not marketing inventions, and we are happy to provide copies to prospective clients. We are the only relocation company to guarantee our service quality.

"Honestly, I never take time to fill out evaluations but I was so overwhelmingly impressed that I couldn’t wait to give you feedback. Incredibly responsive"Dylan C.
"Your team’s efforts made a big difference for us. As silly as some of our requests may have been, each of them was treated with respect and diligence. Kudos and thanks!!”Marc P.
"Very friendly and helpful - taking the lead on negotiation . Always trying to satisfy the customer and asking if help was needed" Dianne S.
"I liked your pro-active approach, good explanation of things I need to know when living in the UK"Andred J.
"Very positive and you made our move from Sweden to the UK a lot less problematic than it would otherwise have been."Alan M.
"We were particularly impressed not only by your competence and efficiency, but also by your kindness. Home hunting was particularly successful."Francesco I.
"Great competence and professionalism of your staff, combined with a nice warm approach. I was very impressed."Danuta M.
"We are very pleased with the way The Relocation Bureau handled the entire process"Rob M.
"Excellent and very timely follow up. Team Approach facilitates good follow-through which I really appreciated. Extras like books, maps, text messages when I got my flat - awesome. I would recommend you - well, I already have :o), to friends, colleagues, etc. Thank you again!"Joanne D.
" . . glowing praise from all concerned and really you, as a company, made the transition painless. It was set to be excruciating, an American VP with a wife and three young daughters already transferring from an International Syllabus in Japan..... Could you think of a worse scenario? But I have to say it has been absolutely painless for all concerned and a soft landing was had by all. Many thanks again."David G.
"Your company made our move trouble free."Russell C.
"Excellent service, paying attention to details and high level of professionalism. I went for the Tenancy termination and removal services. What would have been a series of painful setbacks and problems turned into a easy and smooth process. Many thanks!!"Miguel F.
"Your service was outstanding. Couldn't have been better"Ian M.
"Your services on every level far surpassed our expectations."Jason C.
"You regularly surprised us with thoughtful suggestions that met our needs. Excellent service - we enjoyed working with you all". Caroline C.
"We couldn't have done this relocation back to the UK from Beijing so quickly and smoothly without you. Excellent service. We have already recommended you to friends"Lois N.
"5 stars- fantastic service, we were extremely impressed. You guys stepped in and took over so we had no worries. A carefree start to our life here thanks to you. BIG THANK YOU""Joe W.
"Very impressed with the professionalism of the company. A lovely mix of professional and personal"Jsaon S.
"We saw 18 flats in 1 day. Excellent, extremely helpful and efficient"Tim P.